Mystery Knit-Along Shawl


It’s finished!  My Mystery Knit-Along Shawl by Ysolda, is finished.  It was a really interesting way to knit and all the buzz each week on the Ravelry message boards gave the whole experience an exciting community experience that almost felt like high school to me.  The pattern consisted of five clues which were released over five weeks on a Monday.  Perhaps it felt like school for me because each week I was racing to finish the last clue before the next one was released and always feeling a bit like I hadn’t done my homework.

I managed to finish and block it on the Sunday before the final Monday when all the finished shawls were entered in a giveaway.


I didn’t win, but at least I finished my shawl!  The motivation to keep knitting and accomplish it in discrete chunks was probably the most satisfying part for me; I could easily see myself letting a project like this drag out over six months without the momentum of the knit-along.

As for the shawl itself, it’s only the third shawl I have ever knitted and while I like the version I ended up with from the combination of clues I chose (there were two clues each week, resulting in 32 possible combinations, truly an amazing achievement on the part of the designer) I wasn’t too jazzed by some of the others I saw on the spoiler threads.  I was particularly puzzled by the asymmetry that was possible and knit by many, many people in one combination of clues.  For me, an asymmetrical shawl just doesn’t feel right, but clearly there are hundreds of people who don’t agree with me, so what do I know?  There were scads and scads of gorgeous shawls too and even the asymmetrical ones take on a different aspect and look very sophisticated when wound around a neck.  And this Malabrigo sock yarn in Candombe is really beautiful.  It has an unassuming denim-like look at first glance but in the light it is composed of purples, blues, greens and golds and looks a bit like petrol floating on water.  Not perhaps the most beautiful sight in the natural world, but certainly gorgeous when transferred to yarn.


I’ve just realized that this is the first thing I have ever knitted and kept for myself.  How ridiculous is that?  More knitting for me in the future!


On the Needles…



Only two WIPs that I can share at the moment, and considering I can only manage about one hour, sometimes two, of serious knitting each day, not too bad.  I am two-thirds of the way through a Baby Surprise Jacket for A in Socks That Rock mediumweight called 24 Karat (I am going to do better to keep this one away from the moths!)  I just need to choose and sew buttons on to the New Year’s cardi – no rush since it’s still 80 degrees here…  (Enter the part where I moan about the weather again…)  And I am doing the hugely popular Follow Your Arrow Mystery Knit-Along (MKAL) by Ysolda.  Who even knew such things existed?  You did?  Well it was news to me and it’s loadsa fun.