New Year’s Cardi


Despite this cardigan not even being finished, let alone worn, on New Year’s eve or day, I am calling it the New Year’s cardi because that’s what I’ve been calling it in my head the whole time I was working on it.  Finishing it for the New Year was my goal, which I’ve accomplished, broadly speaking…


It is the cutest thing I’ve ever knit, being modeled by the cutest little 4 month old I know.  The colors in this Chroma Lollipop yarn are just delicious and I am in love with the cardigan, even if it is single-ply, worsted spun, hand wash only; not the most suitable choice for a teething, nursing baby.  But it is soooo pretty.  At least by following Ariannette’s lead, I have superwash cuffs and collar, which might help preserve it a little longer.


It is still in need of buttons, which you may notice, if you can see past the blinding adorableness of my child (…ahem) but I don’t let little things like that (or the fact that said cardi was still a teeny bit damp during these photos – c’mon, her hair was perfect and she was not hungry, tired or poopy – needs must!) stop me from a celebratory, all done photo shoot and blog post.

At least all those bloomin’ ends are woven in!

The weather is still bizarro 75 degrees and sunny here while the rest of the US is frozen solid, so just when she’ll actually be able to wear it remains to be seen.   Fingers crossed that happens before she grows out of it!

IMG_4893aToo hot, sweetie pie?  OK, just one more photo and then Mummy’s all done.