bsj book

So, having only knit one other before, and that was a couple of years ago, I recently thought, “I know what I’ll do with that lovely Socks that Rock yarn I have knocking about; I’ll knit another BSJ for A.”  I imagined it would take me one, perhaps two evenings of knitting at best.  Ha.

For those non-knitting readers, whomsoever you may be; masochists probably if you’re not directly related to me by blood,* a BSJ is a Baby Surprise Jacket.  It’s like the Holy Grail of knitting divined by the original Grande Dame of the craft, the unimpeachable Elizabeth Zimmerman.  One day when grandmotherhood was impending, she devised this pattern for knitting a baby cardigan all in one piece.  You just knit this blob and then at the end, sew up the shoulders and voila!  you have a baby cardigan.  Some people have literally knit this thing hundreds of times.  I have knit it almost hundreds of times because I had to keep ripping the bloody thing out as my increases and decreases got out of kilter.  The key to it looking nice it to really keep those increases and decreases in neat diagonals and for some reason last week, I could not do it.  Maybe it was something to do with both children and myself being sick and a cascade of events related to that sickness that snowballed into the worst week ever… yes, that was probably the reason.  Frogging this little jacket again and again was my only outlet.

Yet, despite all the odds, I got it mostly finished.  When you cast off it looks like this:

bsj open

A garter stitch blob.  Then with a little origami:

bsj half fold

bsj folded

I still need to sew up those shoulders, block it and complete some rather ambitious finishing for the closure; I intend to learn to crochet properly for this one little thing, and then get it on A for another fist-bitingly adorable photo shoot.

But one thing at a time.  I’ve only just got the buttons on this:


* Blood relations reading this are also assumed to be masochists.