March Sickness


This month we have been decimated by illness.  Entirely thanks to this new thing called preschool that B has been attending, a pretty pricey thing too since we seem to be paying twice as much as we can only send her half the time with all the illness.  She starts to get well, well enough to go back, she goes back and Bam! she’s swaying at the dinner table, falling asleep in her food with a 102 degree fever.  And we start all over again.

Of course, I caught one of these delightful diseases and eventually A and Andy too and they are near unshakeable.  Runny noses and coughs are the new vogue, didn’t you know?

Anyway, enough moaning about that.  The real tragedy here is the lack of knitting that a month-long sickness marathon brings.  I have only a few paltry beginnings, but in my mind, I have planned and knitted palaces and hanging gardens and yellow brick roads and slouchy hats!






These are the fruits of my March clickings, three balls wound, a few swatches for future plans and half of one toe-up sock.  The sock was supposed to be simple knitting to soothe my no-knitting jitters, but now I have got to the part where I’m supposed to do the short-row heel and I have not found the time, energy or gumption to look it up or figure it out.  Hopefully, April will bring health and productivity.  Goodbye March, you can keep the snot!