More Rainbows


I love me some rainbows!  I have an entire Rainbow-themed Pinterest board to browse when I need a little pick-me-up.  It’s as good as one of those SAD lights, I swear.  People do some amazing stuff with the old rainbow.

So when I saw Arianette’s P’tite coeur on Ravelry, I had to make one for the baby.  Exactly the same.  Well, except for the hearts; I went whole-hog with the stripes.  I ordered the Knit Picks Chroma worsted in Bare and Lollypop and cast on the 6-12 month size excitedly.  I thought I’d have it finished and waaaay too big for A when she was born.  What actually happened was that a sleeveless version was stuffed away before she was born, hidden out of sight, lest the beautiful rainbows shot guilt arrows into my heart.  I have dug it out now in a New Year’s resolution of finishing WIPs (ha!) and realized that if I don’t finish this bloody thing pretty bloody soon it won’t fit her.  My 98th percentile plus babe already looks like she will fill it out and then some.

Because I was so determined to make each stripe a different color of the rainbow, just like Arianette’s, I had to cut the Lollipop yarn repeatedly on the arms as the color grade was not moving fast enough on the puny 6-12 month size sleeves.  So now I have a bajillion ends to weave in and this is causing me no end of mither.



Not only is it resulting in a sleeve that is practically double knit, with all the bulk, but every time I sit down to tackle it, one of my dear darlings needs something and I think I am averaging about two ends per day.  At this rate I may finish by 2015.  I should have stuck with my first instinct and left the bugger sleeveless; especially in this perma-75 degree weather we are having in SoCal.  Bring me Winter, Universe!  I am a knitter!


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