Blasted Moths!


I knitted this cardigan for B back when she was  about 4 months old from a beautiful skein of Socks that Rock heavyweight.  I think the colorway is called Mossay.   I fell in love with the yarn at Stitches West back in 2010; justified buying it with future progeny in mind and took ridiculous love-letter photos of it for my ravelry stash.

I pulled it out again (from the hanger in the closet where it has been languishing) to put on A for our annual New Year’s photos at the Getty Villa.  (I know, I know.  “Yes, dahling, we like to mosey around the Villah before we welcome the New Yahr…”  But it’s a tradition and it’s OUR tradition.  It’s actually a couple of hours of chasing a toddler around and trying to get a good photos in the amazing light and surroundings before we hightail it for home to get to bed before 9:00PM.  The first year we went with B, Andy was rude to a very pregnant Jennifer Garner in the elevator before he realized she was Jennifer Garner.  It’s a funny story now but he still feels bad about it…)

This was B back on 12.31.11.:


And then the horror…   When I first pulled this delicious little item, perhaps my favorite knit of all my knits for B; the one I was most excited to see A in, I didn’t notice the carnage that had been wrought by some bastard moths.  It’s kind of hard to see in the first photo above.


But after a few hours wearing it, I noticed a strange notch in the button band and when I investigated, I was gutted to find TWO more LARGE holes.  Feckin’ moths!  What can you do?

What can one do?  I do have a modest amount of the yarn left over, and was recently reading Kate Gilbert’s interesting article about sock darning in the latest Twist Collective after moths ate her socks, so I am hoping there is a manageable way to fix this little sweater.  The damage is only in the garter section of the yoke and the button band.  I am going to start researching ways to fix it, and ways to better store my hand knits, now that they are piling up and no doubt tempting all the winged, yarn-hungry beasties.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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