Idea Board


Andy made me an idea board for the study this weekend. It’s just a piece of insulation board covered with cotton batting, nothing fancy, taken from the Oh Fransson! blog.  It’s a space for me to pin swatches as I get my act together more as a knitter.  Which means, gasp, that I am actually going to start swatching.  Well, now that dirty little secret is out in the open, you will understand, of course, that I had not a single swatch around to put up on it when it was finished.  So I stuck these felt gingerbread men ornaments on it after Andy said, “For the love of god, will you just put something up there?!”.


I made these funny little guys from the tutorial on the Elsie Marley blog.  I couldn’t see my way to embroidering the face so I just cut corners by gluing on wobbly eyes and sparkly pom poms and painting the mouth.  If I get around to sewing them up, they could go on our Christmas tree when we put it up later this week.  B saw the idea board this morning and immediately requested one for her room.  Happily we have some of the board and batting left and I have wanted to make her a felt board since she was born.  She might actually be ready for one now.  I think that’s a good project for the New Year.


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