With a lack of foresight I bought this lovely skein of Madelinetosh dk in “Fragrant,” about two and a half years ago; thinking I’d splash out and make something for the baby with it.  It languished in my stash after I realized that there wasn’t much I wanted to make with just one skein of this yarn when B was such a ruddy baby (in the rouge sense) for such a long time that this dazzling, dusky cerise was actually a really bad color for her, hat-wise or anything else baby-sized.



Happily, she has now outgrown the ruddyness, or perhaps, grown into this yarn.  Either way, we are both very pleased with the result.  The pattern is Wurm by Katharina Nopp.  A brilliantly simple design which makes a no-nonsense slouchy hat.


I sized down the pattern a bit by casting on only 76 stitches (I was aiming for 80 but my long tail ran out and I couldn’t be bothered re-doing it) and it came out just right for a 2.5 year old noggin.  Stylish and cosy; what more could one ask?

IMG_3224 Dinosaur approves.


5 thoughts on “Wurm

    • It’s actually already sized for an adult head. Follow this link to the Wurm pattern – it’s a free pattern (although you may have to join Ravelry to access it, I’m not sure) and an easy, fast knit 🙂

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