Embarrassment of Riches

Look what I got for Christmas!!!


I can’t wait to get cracking with this lot.  I have to hold a ball winding party with BB and Aud; I think they will find it amusing.


I have Ysolda’s Blank Canvas in mind for the six (!!!) skeins of Madelinetosh DK in Flashdance, for me!  Yippee!

IMG_4292 IMG_4295 IMG_4290

The rest; two more skeins of tosh dk in Iris and two skeins of Sweet Georgia superwash worsted in a lovely teal called “Tourmaline,” and one skein of Tanis Fiber Arts’ Green Label Aran weight in a similar teal colorway called, “Mallard.”

I am feeling optimistic and excited for 2014!


Idea Board


Andy made me an idea board for the study this weekend. It’s just a piece of insulation board covered with cotton batting, nothing fancy, taken from the Oh Fransson! blog.  It’s a space for me to pin swatches as I get my act together more as a knitter.  Which means, gasp, that I am actually going to start swatching.  Well, now that dirty little secret is out in the open, you will understand, of course, that I had not a single swatch around to put up on it when it was finished.  So I stuck these felt gingerbread men ornaments on it after Andy said, “For the love of god, will you just put something up there?!”.


I made these funny little guys from the tutorial on the Elsie Marley blog.  I couldn’t see my way to embroidering the face so I just cut corners by gluing on wobbly eyes and sparkly pom poms and painting the mouth.  If I get around to sewing them up, they could go on our Christmas tree when we put it up later this week.  B saw the idea board this morning and immediately requested one for her room.  Happily we have some of the board and batting left and I have wanted to make her a felt board since she was born.  She might actually be ready for one now.  I think that’s a good project for the New Year.



With a lack of foresight I bought this lovely skein of Madelinetosh dk in “Fragrant,” about two and a half years ago; thinking I’d splash out and make something for the baby with it.  It languished in my stash after I realized that there wasn’t much I wanted to make with just one skein of this yarn when B was such a ruddy baby (in the rouge sense) for such a long time that this dazzling, dusky cerise was actually a really bad color for her, hat-wise or anything else baby-sized.



Happily, she has now outgrown the ruddyness, or perhaps, grown into this yarn.  Either way, we are both very pleased with the result.  The pattern is Wurm by Katharina Nopp.  A brilliantly simple design which makes a no-nonsense slouchy hat.


I sized down the pattern a bit by casting on only 76 stitches (I was aiming for 80 but my long tail ran out and I couldn’t be bothered re-doing it) and it came out just right for a 2.5 year old noggin.  Stylish and cosy; what more could one ask?

IMG_3224 Dinosaur approves.

Harvest Cardigan


It’s really hard to get a good photo of this cardigan.  I’m going to have to brush up on my photography skills, or get A to take all my pictures I think, because these just won’t do.  Anyway, this is A2’s first sweater that I have knitted for her.


It’s the In Threes cardigan that I made in red for B earlier this year, in Malabrigo ‘Carrot’ which I’ve had stashed for a long time.  It pills like a mofo, of course, and won’t be this pretty for very long with all the drool and spit-up it’s receiving, but oh well.  We’ve been getting a lot of wear out of this one and a lot of compliments when we’re out with them both in their hand knits, which is always gratifying!

IMG_1596  Let the thumb-sucking begin!

IMG_2831 I think she likes it.



I suppose I’d better introduce the new baby since I’ve returned from my postpartum hiatus.  Here is our newest member of the family, looking scrumptious in a slightly-too-small hat I knitted for her sister almost two years ago.  For now, I’ll just refer to her as A2.  Just looking at this photo rejuvenates me.  And inspires me to make her a new hat that fits for New Year.

Turkey hair clips


I was compelled to make at least a little something for this year’s turkey day. After searching on Pinterest for turkey barretts, I found several that involved elaborate looping of grosgrain ribbon, but didn’t really appeal to my aesthetic. So I fashioned these ones instead.  B loved it!