BB’s Bath Robe


Sorry for the poor lighting, I had to snap these just before bath time.

Another thing I made a while ago!  I had it all finished except for one sleeve where I needed to sew down the lining and that meant this cute little robe had to hibernate for a good three months.  Procrastination is my middle name!  The pattern is from MADE.  It’s a great pattern that comes in multiple sizes and is very customizable.  I already knocked one of these up out of fleece for B last winter, but it was very shoddy, quick work and not something I feel like sharing here.

IMG_9777 IMG_9775

This was made from a cheap Ikea bath towel, like Dana from MADE recommends.  I made my own bias tape from yellow flannel and decided to add in the flannel lining in the hood and sleeves at the last minute.  The flannel has bees on it!  I thought I was going to run out of bias tape actually, which is why I chose to line the sleeves rather than finish them with the bias tape too.  It’s a bit hasty in places and my bias binding isn’t great, but she’ll grow out of it so fast it felt silly to rip anything out to fix it.  I also wish I’d covered the seam between the hood and the body of the robe.  Oh well, I’ll just have to improve as I make more.


Rainbow Blankie for Baby Sister

This one was actually finished a little while ago too.  I have two blog posts and keeping up with this is already a challenge!  Anyway, enough excuses…


I knit it with Knit Picks’ Shine Worsted, which is the same yarn I used for B’s baby blanket, except hers was in sport weight.  I like this yarn a lot.  It is cheap, machine washable and dryable and comes in great colors.

IMG_9673 IMG_9679 IMG_9680 IMG_9688

B is particularly taken with this blankie.  Maybe it will be poached, who knows?  It is super cute on her!  The pattern is the Pinwheel Blanket, which was available for free on the internet, but now seems to be down 😦  I had aspirations of making flower-themed versions of this blanket; knitting a brown/variegated center and then shades of yellow outwards for a sunflower effect, or a black center with white and then shades of red radiating out to look like  a poppy, etc.

One day, perhaps.


For now I am happy with how this one came out.  It needs washing and blocking before baby comes.  I would like to wrap her in it once she’s born.

I was also pleased with my yarn rationing.  Cut tails from the ball changes/color changes and the remainder left over after casting off. I suppose this last tidbit is only interesting if you are a real knitting enthusiast.  Even then, that might be a stretch!