Valentine’s Day Cardigan

IMG_9439 copy

I began this cardigan in January intending it to be BB’s Valentine’s cardi, hence the beautiful red yarn from Dream in Color.  After I washed/felted/shrank her light blue cardigan that I knitted last October, it seemed even more imperative to get this off the needles and yet I still couldn’t get it finished until now.  Oh well.  I made sure it was extra long and so even if she doesn’t get to wear it this spring, since the weather is already heating up so much, it should still fit in the autumn.  I even have enough yarn left to make a matching cardi for the baby!

The pattern is the ‘In Threes’ baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich.  Lovely, simple and in multiple sizes.  I see more of these in my future!  (Raveled here.)

IMG_9427 IMG_9425

After a biscuit bribe, B was quite cooperative in the modeling department.  Andy helped choose the buttons and although I was not completely sure about them, these blue/red vintage-style little beauties have grown on me quite a lot.  I’m glad he weighed in!  I think they’re Cath Kidston too, so bonus points for being designer and thanks to my lovely sister for sending them to me for xmas!



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